It is central to our work that we strive to develop our capacity for Observation: Attention without tension. Without the ability to observe and to recall in detail what you have observed, your awareness of, and attunement to, the Divine Plan is, at best, imperfect. Observation is an expression of our Divine nature.

Observation, part of the Divine nature, requires that nothing escapes our attention either in the gross material world or in the planes of the psychical and noetical worlds

Observation is perfect concentration. The ability to observe in detail and to recall what we have observed is vital to our understanding of the Divine Plan.

Observation and concentration make us both human and gods, as we can probe the outer and inward worlds deftly and gracefully. It is through observation that we are able to expand our conscious awareness to endless heights. In increasing our awareness and understanding of our surroundings, becoming keenly aware of all the nuances, we will move out of the small shells of our personalities and into the larger truths. There are no limits to how far we can extend our comprehension of the Divine Plan when we develop our ability to con­centrate and observe.

The more aware we become of the world which surrounds us now, the more conscious we will be in the worlds beyond. This applies equally to our nightly visits (exosomatosis) to the other planes, as it does to when we eventually pass-over from the material plane into the more refined worlds. Through enhanced observation comes an ability to see beyond apparent limitations and to control the course of our expe­riences in the psychical and noetical worlds. The following exercise is instrumental in awakening and tuning our ability to be perceptive and alert. (See Esoteric Practices book page 61)