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 This web site is created with love and respect for the teachings of Jesus Christ – Joshua Immanuel the Christ, Yohannan (Saint John the Divine) and Daskalos (Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis).  Unless otherwise noted the information contain on this web site is in Daskalos' own words.   Other contributors to this web site and our work are alphabetically listed below.  For more information or to participate in the development of this web site please send e-mail to

Dr. Sylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos)
Panayiota Th. Atteshlis
Bushra Bakhoom
Dimitry Boulakovski
J. Brown
Daphne Christophorou
Dr. Ken Davis
Paul & Karin Dorn
Fawaz Elias
Stefan Engelmayer
Zuzana Jancichova
Matus J.
Daniel Joseph
Andreas Koumis
Andreas Hadjipapas
Antonio Luiz
Mari Marin
Mark Matousek

Ana Lucia Furquim de Mendonça
Liz Merrick
Mallory Reviere
Randall Reviere
Sasa Rodic
Slobodan Papic
Reginaldo Ruiz
Michael Solbach
Dr. Robert Sollod
Rudy & Eliane Stauch
Ed Schulte
Akiko Toshimitsu
Alsoussan Touma Christenson
Reiner Velte
Petar Vujicin

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